Where We Are


Convent Of the Holy Spirit
319 Waukegan Road, Northfield, IL

Provincial House
Provincial Offices
Provincial Retirement and Healthcare Facility
Founded: 1901
Community Ministry:

  • Providing a place for members of the Province to gather for assemblies, retreats and chapters.
  • Serving as the central house for coordinating ministries of the Province.
  • Providing hospitality for the Sisters, their guests and visitors.
  • Providing care and spiritual support for our retired Sisters.
  • Supporting the vocation promotion work of the Province.
  • Promoting justice, peace, and integrity of creation (JPIC) through networking with other organizations and creating awareness of issues related to justice and peace in our country and world.
  • Working to improve the lives of immigrants, especially those fleeing poverty and violence.
  • Visiting and providing materials (books, rosaries, etc.) for residents of nursing homes and prisons.
  • Nurturing the Holy Spirit Missionary Association through days of prayer and ministry and by coordinating its activities.
  • Reaching out to neighboring parishes as religious educators and by providing opportunities to gather for prayer.