Where We Are


Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters
St. John's, Antigua, West Indies

Pastoral House
Founded: August 2002
Community Ministry:

Pastoral Ministry at Holy Family Cathedral Parish

  • Adult faith formation, running various programs
  • (RCIA) Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
  • Good Samaritan community in Donovan’s (outstation from the parish)
  • Prison ministry; visits once per week, male prison, two programs:
  •             1. Houses of Healing
                2. Alpha program evangelization program, non-denominational
  • Bible study/sharing
  • The Poor House Fiennes Institute, place for the elderly

Additional Pastoral Ministry at Holy Family Cathedral Parish

  • Hispanic Ministry
  • Produces and presents a radio program with the SVD Brothers
  • Pastoral outreach in the collaboration with Food for the Poor organization and St. Vincent DePaul

Parish Ministry and Teacher at St. John’s Catholic Primary School

  • Teaching Religious lessons
  • Youth ministry at Holy Family Cathedral Parish

Focus in Helping-Empowering Women