Vacation Bible School

For the past several years, the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters have been invited to conduct Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs
in various places, particularly in Greenville and Indianola, Mississippi and Pine Bluff, Arkansas. For the Sisters who formerly taught
at Sacred Heart School in Greenville it has been like a home coming. There are approximately 50 children at each site, ranging
from ages 5 to 11, who participate in VBS each summer.

To effectively carry out this ministry the programs are thoroughly planned and developed in advance, engaging the pastors,
lay parishioners and sisters. The team decides what specific theme of the Christian Scriptures will be the focus for any given program,
the materials needed, registrations, dates, etc. This year's theme (June 2015) was: Planting God's Garden of Forgiveness and Peace.
Given the strong presence of violence in our society and world, we will focus on the Biblical call to forgiveness and peace through
prayer and faith sharing, music and art activities, and other class activities.

Parents are enriched by the joy of their children and many of them volunteer to assist wherever there is a need. Sisters and lay
teachers find it rewarding to work together and find ways to meet the challenges of each day. It is a genuine community building
experience and a time when all are “one” with Christ. Even now the people are inviting the Sisters to return again next year.

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