Who We Are

Mother Maria Helena -
Helena Stollenwerk

Co-Foundress of the Mission Congregation of
the Servants of the Holy Spirit

Important dates in the Life of Blessed Maria Helena

1852                                 She came into contact with Arnold Janssen who had
                                          founded his mission institute in Steyl, Holland. At the
                                          end of December that year she went to Steyl, although                                           there was no women’s congregation as yet.

1889                                 She became a postulant and after some time began
                                          her novitiate.

1900                                  She died. Her last words were: “Jesus, I die for you.”

1995                                  She was "beatified" (called Blessed) by the Church.

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Prayer to Bl. Maria Helena

O Most Blessed Trinity, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you led Mother Maria, Helena Stollenwerk, to dedicate her life to the spread of the Gospel. Help us to follow her example of faithfulness in all we do to spread the kingdom of your love.