When John the Baptist introduced Jesus to his disciples, they were impelled to follow Jesus, curious to learn about Him. They followed, keeping their distance.
Jesus did the first move, turning around and asking them “What is it you seek?” Rabbi, where do you live?
“Come and see” was Jesus’ simple reply. The seekers had the courage to follow his invitation and stayed with Him.

Each of us is called and invited to find out who Jesus is.

Each of us has an individual vocation which encompasses our whole lives: the people we are, the choices we make, and the lives we live.

Each of us has a special path to follow in life!

The aim of this vocation ministry is “to awaken and encourage sensitivity to the call of God in the lives of young people through prayer and help in discerning God’s call”
(SSpS Formation Manual, pg. 33).

We are all God's children. Developing a special relationship with our loving God is the real purpose and goal in our lives. There can be no doubt that a person's self-fulfillment and ultimate happiness greatly depends on her relationship with God. In our journey of faith, we have many ways to respond to God's invitation to live a creative life. In responding to this invitation, as Catholics we are called to married life, committed single life or religious/vowed life. If you are considering to live your life as a religious missionary, we invite you to get to know our missionary congregation.

Some initial questions to consider when seeking out religious life, especially a missionary calling...

  • Do I value my faith life? Does my relationship with God fill me with joy and enthusiasm?
  • Do I recognize God's loving, healing, forgiving presence in my own life? And am I challenged to reflect God's love to others?
  • Do I have an interest in, or a commitment to, making Jesus known to those who have not yet heard of Jesus?
  • Do I have an interest in, or a commitment to, working for the full development of peoples/cultures of the world?
  • Do I have an interest in, and the ability for, serving people in a way that enables their growth?
  • Do I have an interest in, and the ability for, going beyond my own language and culture?
  • Do I have an interest in, and the ability for, dialoguing with people of other faiths and convictions?
  • Do I have the largeness of heart to live in community with women of other countries and cultures?

If you have answered "YES" to some of the previous questions, you might want to search and inquire what that could mean in your life with God. God calls us each by name, seeking to make us whole and happy in each stage of our life. Our task is to listen well, to trust and respond with attentive love to the Holy Spirits' promptings. What counts on the way of discernment is your faithfulness to the gentle whispers of the Spirit, as well as the sometimes shocking thunder awakening you to your truth. God's voice is persistent; God's love is constant. If you are interested to know more about religious life, send us an email or write to:

Vocation Office
Sr. Skolastika Wea, SSpS - Vocation Director
319 Waukegan Road, Northfield, IL 60093
Ph: 847-441-0126

The goal of formation in our Congregation is our growth and constant maturing in the following of Christ along the way of the
evangelical counsels as Servants of the Holy Spirit. We are to become increasingly capable of fulfilling the mission of the Congregation:
to proclaim and witness to the saving love of the Triune God among all peoples. (Const. 501)


We welcome women between the ages of 18 and 40 who:

  • • Feel called by God to a religious missionary life;
  • • Have good physical and mental health;
  • • Are willing to help others and are open to personal and professional growth;
  • • Want to share their lives and faith with other women.

If you are considering religious missionary life, or still discerning God’s call in your life, contact us!! We invite you to come and visit us; to set aside some time for reflection and to experience our way of life. We invite you to participate in our Programs offered for women who are interested in knowing religious missionary life.


Come and See
  • It is a unique opportunity to explore and participate in the life and mission of a community of Sisters.
  • Its aim is to give a brief encounter with our mission spirituality, our ministries, our international and intercultural community living, and to share some vocation/mission stories.
  • It is offered in different forms and with different emphases depending on the times available, the size of the group, and the desires expressed by individuals.

  • Retreats are offered several times a year.
  • Each retreat has a topic, such as:

  • God’s Mission is Our Mission
  • Hope – Making a Difference in the World
  • Praying & Listening to God’s Voice Within
  • Listening to God’s Call through Bibliodrama
  • Praying Through Music

Holy Week Retreat
  • Participants have time to pray and celebrate the Passion of Christ with the Sisters.
  • Participants have the opportunity for spiritual accompaniment.
  • The retreat starts on Holy Thursday and ends Easter Sunday.

Mission Experience
  • The goal of the program is to pray, live and work with the Sisters.
  • This is a four-week Summer Peace Camp program in Chicago or Wheeling, IL.
  • This opportunity is open not only for young women who are interested in joining the congregation, but also for women who want to have some mission experience in a missionary congregation.


What do women - religious missionaries do?
We make use of our gifts of imagination in order to employ our knowledge, skills, love, wisdom, courage, strength in hardships, creativity,
and our spontaneity in the service of others. We are long-life learners, dedicated to the Lord, always nurturing the great desire to make God's love known, everywhere, all the time and forever.

How do you go about "making disciples" as Jesus told his followers to do?
There is one basic condition that assists us and is common to us all. Through baptism each person is called to be a disciple of Jesus. In and with the Spirit we bear witness and nurture that call into full discipleship, our own and that of others.

Do missionaries travel a lot?
Some Sisters do; they receive an appointment to take care of a ministry in another country. Some, due to their administrative position, travel to many countries. Other Sisters who never leave their native country feel no less being a missionary than those who have served or are serving in other parts of the world. They assist through their prayers, thoughts, and concerns, “traveling” the whole globe.

Do you ever feel homesick?
This depends on the individual. There are times when you miss your family and friends. However, we do visit our families, are present for special occasions, and can receive visitors.