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A Piece for Peace

Greetings, I would like to share a story about two Japanese sisters. Srs. Josephina and myself, who have lived in the SSpS U.S. Province for several years. At present, Sr.Josephina is living in Japan and I am living in Korea. Recently, I received a joyful invitation from Sr. Josephina. It was a request to cooperate with her missionary work. Sr. Josephina is currently teaching at a junior-high school for girls. The school President is Fr. Mike, SVD from America. In her religious class, students participate in an activity in which the 7th grade students make rosaries with Korean materials.

Therefore, Sr. Josephina asked me to buy and send the material to Japan for the students this year since we can find good materials at, a relatively cheap price in Korean traditional markets. The shopping turned into some kind of adventure; it was like finding the shop among the tremendous similar shops. It would not have been possible without Sr. Vita, who knows the way very well. After purchasing the items, I sent 350 sets of materials to Japan immediately.

However, due to Covid-19, the journey became challenging. First, I had to postpone the schedule of going to the market for one week. Moreover, the direct delivery service to Nagoya (provincial house) had been postponed. So, I decided to send them to the Tokyo community and asked a Sister to send them to Sr. Josephina again and the materials reached her and the students. Though I became anxious not to be late, I imagined how many people and various processes were needed to complete this journey. What a marvel to see God’s guidance through human activities! And also, I could trust God’s will through prayer more than human intentions.

My dream is the students would learn to trust in God’s will deeper and become peace makers between Korea and Japan and all over the world through the intercession of Mary.

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